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Dat Politics Show @ Holocene - I Saw You!!

About Dat Politics Show @ Holocene

Previous Entry Dat Politics Show @ Holocene Nov. 7th, 2006 @ 06:24 pm Next Entry
the extremely attractive girl in a skirt and black top,and black hair, accompanied by i believe three or so guy friends at the Dat Politics show at Holocene tonight (Mon Nov 6th). I wanted to introduce my self and talk to you since you first caught my attention earlier in the night, and told my self I would after the show (since really load music and you dancing with friends isnt really condusive to meeting someone), but wussed out. Its been a long time since ive been that outgoing with girls, and in the past I guess I never really had to be that much.

I was the guy in the black jacket and jeans that sat on the couch thing next to the bench you and your friend sat on at the end of the night. I spent that 30+minutes telling my self to go say High and ask if I could get you a drink (but it was late (past 1am and no one else was really drinking), so I dont know if I was supposed to, like if you were goin home any time soon, and "buying a girl a drink" seems so cliche, I didnt want to sound stupid) but just couldnt bring my self to do it, despite telling my self to do it or else Im going to kick my self for the next day for probably loosing my only chance to meet you. Its guess I was partly intimidated by the fact that you were with a group of three other guy friends and seemed to be actively engaged in conversation with them and didnt want to interrupt. Im sorry I was weak, I know the chances of you seeing this are pretty slim, but if you do, please respond!! I guess in the mean time I will try and goto Holocene again a few more times this week and hope I run into you and get up the courage to talk to you.
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